Client: Creative Travel Line, Category: egészségügy, turizmus.

Health tourism or medical tourism is becoming ever trendier these days. The essence of it is that patients have different medical treatments and interventions performed abroad. The main reason for this is to save money. Health tourism offers healing and relaxation in parallel, as patients spend time abroad as if on holiday and, besides being treated, they get a chance to see the world, take part in local programmes and unwind.
This international trend is apparent in Norway, too, as their health care insurance also covers treatments abroad. Patients from this Scandinavian country often choose Hungary as their destination, with specifically Szeged leading the way. The most popular, complex services include dental treatment, cosmetic (plastic) surgery and other operations.

One representative of the dynamically developing industrial branch of medical tourism is our client, Creative Travel Line. This tour-organising company commissioned our Agency to create their image as well as their advertising and marketing communication materials. In our work, an important aspect was to recreate simple and clear Scandinavian design. In accordance with it, we designed our layouts, which are dominated by calm and clear colours, the logo and accompanying elements of the profile, the beautiful, clear-cut lines of which form a paper aeroplane. During this project, we not only designed the image and the web page in the Norwegian language but the printed brochures, business cards and direct mail design are also the creation of our team. Furthermore, it was also our aim in this project to draw the Norwegian patients’ attention to some justly celebrated Hungarian cultural sights and experiences. 


by Fingerprint Team

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