In downtown Szeged, the imposing complex being built with European Union support, Szent-Györgyi Albert AGORA, is gradually taking its final shape. The aim of the Agora programme is to increase Szeged’s competitiveness by creating a centre built on the foundation of culture, education and innovation. This institution provides space for an interactive exhibition (University of Szeged Informatory), the collection of the History of Information Technology Museum (Neumann János Computer Science Society), the visual laboratory of the Szeged Biological Research Centre, as well as communal areas for creative activities (Százszorszép Children’s Club), with joint informal educational and other cultural services.
It is our pleasure that in a public procurement procedure, our Agency won the publicity tasks related to the popularisation of the Agora project. In order to fulfil our duty using maximum expertise, we included in the work the experienced PR team of Szeged-based CME Hungary Zrt. It was part of our commission to create the image of the institution, to organise press conferences related to the programmes, to collect and analyse press publications, to book national and local media and to make publications and New Szechényi Plan project boards. It gives us a feeling of satisfaction that, as a Szeged-based company, we can contribute to increasing the competitiveness of our city and help make this new cultural centre flourish.