Fingerprint was given the overall publicity work related to the project number kdop-2.1.1/B-2f-2009-0005, entitled the “Architectural Refurbishment and Visitor Friendly Development of the Thury Castle in Várpalota”. Our work consisted of three major parts. The project required very serious and responsible dissemination and marketing tasks: image design, designing and manufacturing marketing material, creating publications, media communication and event planning.
In this framework we made information leaflets in Hungarian and English, publications conforming to the latest image requirements of the New Széchenyi Plan, a notepad, folder and a bag with string handles. We also had the opportunity to create a really unique, 52-page image publication in six languages, which reflects the image and ‚personality’ of the Thury Castle created by us. It introduces readers to the history of the castle, its reconstruction and its people who faithfully protect the historical traditions.

Our task was to create a home page which, besides meeting the requirements of modern trends, also pays homage to the centuries-old castle. We can proudly say what our clients have also emphasised, that we have achieved this goal. On the web page, two 3D maps show the castle to those who have not yet had the opportunity to personally visit this beautiful monument. From the database of this home page, we also created the content of the four touch-screen terminals and an information monitor bought with European Union funding. In the castle, an audio-guide system makes one’s visit to the monument and the exhibitions more enjoyable. Besides the Hungarian language, visitors are greeted in English, German, Romanian, Serbian, Slovakian and Ukrainian. Fingerprint was also responsible for the audio material of professional quality.

Fingerprint also employs people with experience in the field of media and communication, so making the press releases was not a problem. The closing event of the project took place on 24th June 2011. Our Agency organised a Professional Day for 120 guests working in the field of tourism. A Renaissance dinner was served and first-class performances were given by the groups Pavane and Renaissance Consort. In the afternoon, a 150-person closing ceremony was held with lavish catering, enlivened by performances from the Bourdon trio and the Kecskés Group. The castle was ceremonially reopened to the public and the symbolic ribbon cut by the Vice-President of the Parliament and the Mayor of Várpalota.

by Tápai Gábor