Since 1983


The design and development of Denti’s image and brand profile, which is well established in the international market.


The messages from our series of images for Denti System are the same as those represented by the company, showing confidence, clarity and professionalism.
In the target audience, they create trust and well-being, so they are more likely to choose the Denti System implantology brand, for which our agency also provides casting services.

Prof. Dr. Vajdovich István a Denti System alapítója - nemzetközi márkaépítés
Denti System egészségügyi modell fotózás - nemzetközi márkaépítés - fiatal kutató orvos
Denti System modell fotózás - nemzetközi márkaépítés - fiatal kutató orvos


Events, domestic and international exhibitions

Denti system nemzetközi márkaépítés a kölni IDS Dental Show kiállításon

Implant 3D

Implant 3D modelling – CGI Design

3D felhasználói segédlet illusztrációja - nemzetközi márkaépítés


Leaflets, user manuals, product maps

Denti System katalógus látványterve - nemzetközi márkaépítés

Dental World is the largest domestic exhibition and conference of the dental profession held in Budapest.

At the 12,000m2 event, seven congresses, more than twenty workshops and two hundred exhibitions offer high-quality professional lectures and presentations.

At the request of the Denti System Implantology Company and the Dentmill Centre, our team designed and built their joint exhibitor stand. At the heart of the concept, were the zirconium and titanium implants themselves, around which image elements the display was constructed. For the sake of high aesthetic quality, we used graphic renditions of 3D modelled implants instead of photos to give maximum size and impact. The elements of the stand were made with UV printing technology on our flat-panel OCÉ Arizona large format printer using direct printing.

Our agency has been taking care of the communication systems of Denti System Ltd. for several years. This implantology company, which already has a distinguished past, is now participating in the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, which we were curious about, so we accompanied them. It was a great place to get to know about the latest trends in health marketing in Western Europe, as this is the most popular event in the international dental market and is held every two years. Exhibitors come from almost every country in the world, and the most prestigious dental companies occupy almost 150,000m² of floor space. We have seen that, whilst spectacular and demanding 3D design, LCD, light technology, animation and on-line activity in general are all gaining ground, handy catalogues are still loved by the public. Especially when it comes to high-quality publications that impact the reader visually and emotionally. We were very pleased to note that we are competitive in the field of image design, typography and printing, as the Denti System booth, whose creative concept was brought to life in our studio, was frequented by a large number of visitors.

Botiss Biomaterials
The production of exhibition decorations and stands at the Bone & Tissue Days conference in Budapest, for the Berlin-based company which is engaged in producing dental bone replacement and soft tissue regeneration materials.

It is always to be hoped that a well-illustrated demonstration tool will deliver according to expectations, facilitating quick explanation and understanding. Today, three-dimensional figures are the most striking and evocative of such tools, but very few people realize that high-quality professional work in this medium can often take weeks or months to produce.

Dental implantology is one of the areas where it is particularly important to properly display the micro-environment and individual surgical procedures. We can “travel” to areas where video camera can not get – and we can isolate the areas in question by eliminating distractions.

The manuals created for the Denti System could only be created as a result of a very close collaboration, through which we had to master the anatomical and surgical procedures, and Denti’s specialists had to recognize and exploit the potential of 3D graphics. After overcoming the basic problems, we’ve been able to easily set up and and arrange further training during each phase. Indeed, it became obvious that it was necessary to review and rethink patient information, incorporating new 3D elements into existing scenarios.

In the future, we can add 3D animations to Denti’s educational and instructional materials, making it easier for doctors to understand Denti developments, and making patients more familiar with the far from everyday world of dental implantation.

The publications of this company which develops and manufactures dental implants are edited and printed in Hungarian and English in our printing house. Enriched with 3D graphics, these publications are primarily designed for dentists to learn about the company’s philosophy and to gain information about the product family and how to use them.

Denti System - nemzetközi márkaépítés - kutató és fejlesztőmérnökök munka közben
Denti System - nemzetközi márkaépítés - steril üzem - kutatók

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