Hungaromed Cluster


Hungaromed Klaszter

Within the framework of this cluster, a large number of companies and institutions operating principally in the areas of health and tourism have agreed to work together in order to cater collectively to the needs of health tourists from abroad, and to provide services in this field in Szeged and Csongrád County. Our agency was awarded the contract on the basis of a successful public procurement tender to create a logo for the cluster and to produce graphic designs for their profile. Moreover, we have produced an English language publication entitled Health and Tourism in Szeged and Csongrád County for trade shows abroad and as an advert to attract foreign partners, along with the graphic work for postcard displays and all related printing. The final phase of the project has been the production of introductory video spots in English for the members of the Hungaromed Cluster, as we were invited to create a series of films promoting the image of health tourism in the region. We have also created for the films an individualized, introductory profile of the cluster, with the members’ logos and contact details, as well as related animations and music.

Visit our youtube channel for the clips: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_iji6gHYvU