Szeged Agora Image


Szeged Város Önkormányzata

Within the framework of the public procurement procedure we were awarded the contract to constuct the various communication platforms for the Szent-Györgyi Albert Agora. Together with the team from CME Hungary PR our multi-faceted tasks have included the construction of an appropriate image, then working on publications and creative materials, the graphic design of leaflets and the setting up and printing of finished products. In addition we have designed New Széchenyi Plan project boards, press packs, the organization of opening and closing programmes for events, as well as up to the minute local and national-level media info. The project, which took nearly a year to complete, was a great success from the time of the launch, with all the following organizations moving into the institution: the Százszorszép Children’s Club, Szeged University’s Informatorium, the Neumann János Computer Science Society Exhibition on the History of Informatics and the MTA Szeged Biological Research Centre Viewing Lab. have all found a worthy new home.