Bringázz Szentes


Szentes Város Önkormányzata

Thanks to a successful application for EU funding, the town of Szentes, as well as creating new cycle paths, has chosen to draw attention to  the value of a bike-centred lifestyle, publicizing it through an opinion-forming public relations campaign. Our agency was awarded the opportunity to design and implement that campaign. On June 11th 2013, at various points in the town, hostesses distributed prizes to the town’s residents on their way to school or work. The campaign was supported by many of the bigger companies in Szentes, including Hungerit Zrt., Legrand Zrt., MetalCom Zrt., DélKerTész, HK-CERAM Kft. and the St. Jupát Sports Club. As sponsorship for the promotion we were given Prímavera mineral water from Magyarvíz Kft.

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