This year our Agency once again obtained the opportunity for the graphic design and implementation of the advertising tools of Bortér Festival. We were commissioned by the organisers, Szegedi Városkép Kft, to make posters, banners to be displayed in public places, program leaflets and event maps. This year, we also renewed the web page, for which we have customized our company’s latest modular frame system, Shaman. Thus our experts responsible for the publicity of the festival were able to quickly update this communication channel with the latest information.

As an innovation, we created the design as responsive, that is we made a website which automatically adapts to the resolution of each display device. Thus a perfect view is provided on desktops as well as tablets and smart phones. So, the information of the web page can be displayed anywhere, even while you are sampling the wines!

What’s good about RWD - responsive web design?

You can save time by having to process the content of the web only once.
It is browser-friendly, and the web developer has to generate only one html code.
It provides aesthetic display on desktops, tablets, net books, laptops, smart phones or even HD TV’s.

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Author: Tápai Gábor