Developing the website for an international recruiting agency
We started developing the website for Talention, an international online communication consulting company in 2014 Although this German company works in online communication too, we cooperated and made a responsive website together, that will win the company’s clients’ trust.
A good employee has business value
Talention helps large firms by giving them advice on how to find committed and well trained employees through Talention’s high level services and continuously optimized system. They do this by conveying relevant, interesting information and portraying the corporate culture of the firm through representing its events, team building trainings and the work environment, among other things.
Talention’s number one tools are the subsites that act as guidelines for their clients in creating HR sites that show international work opportunities, thus broadening their clients minds.
We carried out the website’s responsive front-end development using Bootstrap 3, for mobile phones and tablets.
Responsive websites make the content (text, photo, multimedia or anything) fit to the size of the device used. This way the user will be able to use any buttons placed on the website comfortably on his or her mobile phone, regardless of the device’s display resolution. You can try it for yourself if you visit using a tablet or smartphone.
WordPress content management system – CMS was the base for the development, into which we integrated a sliding menu and a pop up banner module as plug-in. Additionally, we used unique coding when designing the website (fixed or scroll menu system) that made our development more interactive, modern and unique. These solutions not only create a more vivid site but also provide a better user experience.