Another fruit of our labour can soon be enjoyed by the wider public. We have completed the new image of Nógrád County, which made its debut at the Travel Exhibition in Budapest in 2011. This beautiful work was a part of the Touristic Destination Management (TDM) programme of Nógrád County. Besides the detailed brand design strategy, our Agency was also responsible for the overall image design, which we broke down into individual publicity tools: an image catalogue, a local product brochure and a programme booklet.
The greatest emphasis was put on the design of the logo, for which the stakes were high, as a badly chosen symbol or message might have spoiled even the most professionally structured publicity. Commissioned by the Nógrád Touristic Public Nonprofit Ltd., we started working on a logo which reflects the gorgeous landscape of Northern Hungary, combined with palóc traditions. We used the typical palóc colours: red and blue. For the text we chose an individually designed cursive font inspired by the words of 19th century novelist Kálmán Mikszáth: “Nógrád, the curved country“. This organic looking font visually reinforces the features of the landscape and adds a personal touch and a hint of kindness, gently touching people’s soul. We hope that it will meet with public approval.