Tiszavirág (Mayfly), a listed building in the style of a boutique-hotel, opened its doors in Szeged just before Christmas 2012. The building is unique, its function unusual, the design superb. In refurbishing the Balassa-house, which was built in 1859, the current owner’s aim was to create a location where design and tradition would meet in a unique way in architecture as well as in gastronomy. Therefore, during the refurbishment, special attention was paid to retain the features of this building of significance in the town’s visual profile.

This duality, past and future, modernity and tradition are also combined on the web page of the hotel, designed by our Agency.
Our first priority was to create a user-friendly, informative and modern web page. Moreover, we also had to show that an old, emblematic building had been refurbished, in which the client made an effort to keep certain typical elements of the old building, thus pleasing and respecting the people of Szeged. This was meant to be reflected in the background of the web page: an old, rather decrepit brick wall. For the foreground, we designed minimalist, clear surfaces to emphasise the contrast. Of course, besides the above, it was important for us to satisfy our Client, to implement his ideas as well as to live up to our own professional expectations. Therefore, we modified our original design several times. We did a lot of coordination, presentation and very hard work. We were lucky, as our Client wanted to implement very modern, forward looking ideas, which we could easily identify with.

We optimised the appearance of the page for tablets and mobile phones, too. A great strength of the page is that we already paid attention to search optimisation in the planning phase, and both the programming and the design were created in a way that they would meet these criteria. Our own frame system running in the background provides our clients with a strong search optimising tool, which is a basis for building online communication further. The page is available in three languages: Hungarian, Romanian and English. Interactivity is ensured by online room and table booking as well as the Tripadvisor link for the evaluation of the accommodation and the restaurant. The page is linked to social network media by Facebook and Twitter. One of the great lessons we learned during this project is that with expertise, careful planning, regular consultations and paying attention to the Client’s needs, all difficulties can be overcome.