Within the framework of the European Union Széchenyi Programme 2020 Accessible Hungary Programme, we carried out the graphic and technical planning and on-site installation of the information and guidance tables for all the water tourism routes along the Upper Tisza, Lower Tisza and Körös rivers, located in riverside settlements and at the two hiking trail stations.
Water tourism fans are also supported by website, online tour planner and printed publications for exploring these routes.

Bejárható Magyarország turisztikai kommunikáció projekten belül a tábla látványterve


The aim of the programme is to ensure that active tourism in Hungary achieves the objective of offering a real alternative to foreign destinations. This goal is not only achieved by developing attractions at sites that are already important for tourism (Lake Balaton, Danube, Lake Tisza, Danube Bend, Tokaj), but also effective with means of communication and continuous content delivery. The basis of this communication is the presentation of the touristic, historical, gastronomical and natural resources ​​of the regions, and promoting them with the help of touristic marketing tools. Since in the 21st century what doesn’t exist online can be said hardly to exist at all, our company has embraced modernity by supporting this project through web image development, website development and application creation. As the upcoming generation uses social media as a stand alone platform in parallel with the web, we used our experience in Facebbok and Instagram image development, thematic fan site operation, and in influencer content production, all of which can achieve excellent results in tourism marketing.But outside of the online space, visitors are able to enjoy real experiences in locations frequented by tourists- so they have to go offline. Information boards on the riverbank draw attention to the sights of the area, guides to the settlements  help visitors navigate the important sites, and the publications and catalogues inform and disseminate knowledge. Our company has extensive experience in the design and implementation of graphic design and the development of these important marketing interfaces.We are proud of the fact that in the complex tourism development programme of the Hungarian Kayak-Canoe Association along the Tisza, along the entire Danube section and on the banks of the Körös, as well as in 7 locations near Lake Balaton, we produced all of the information boards and guide tables. In this project for boosting domestic water tourism, we have furthered the noble cause of boosting active tourism with a unified image, high-quality implementation and smooth roll-out.