Main brand

Our task is to organize the marketing activities of the Tokaj Radics Barni Winery, the design of the image and packaging and the special production of the labels. Our brand strategy is to the improvement of prestige of the wines, positioning them as high-end products.



Graphic symbols

Tokaji borok szimbólum rendszere


We have developed a series of specially drawn pictograms for the wine-makers making clear to both domestic and foreign customers in a visual format how the wine-maker’s recommendations can be matched with different foods.

Tokaji borok "chemical symbols" for wines

Tokaji borok "kémiai vegyjelek" grafikai megjelenítése

wine labels

sales growth
100 %
Radics Barni tokaji borok sorozata és látványterve


We were faced with a real challenge, as Barni, the winemaker, does not produce typical grape varieties in Tokaj-Hegyalja. As he is an experimental winemaker, our marketing team also took an “experimental” approach. We have created both a marketing plan and brand concept communication plan for the winery. The result of our close to 100-page marketing plan is the message of our jointly selected creative concept: Radics Barni Natural Blends. Creating and Developing Blends: All wines were given a compound (blended) name and an abbreviation. In so doing, we created the Radics wine periodic table, which includes the categorization of fragrances and aromas as well as the recommendations for dishes to accompany the wines. We designed unique label forms with graphics inspired by the hexagonal shape of molecules. The central creative element is the chemical symbol, expressing the ultimate wine brand name, which is also the wine’s logo and trademark. The production of the wine labels was carried out by means of coil offset technology on self-adhesive crafted paper, a unique metal strap that fits to the reductive wine locks, and a small sample of UV form lacquer was used to create the stunning look of the labels. Back tags were designed with typeface matching the front label and served up with customized food pictograms.